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Check out some of these fun date night ideas we put together for you to do with your daughter ~ Visit Sonic during happy hour – grab a Slush and share some time there, or take it to your favorite place. Certainly not a low cost way, but it is a FUN way – if you are in the Phoenix area, you can check Groupon frequently for deals on Ft. Phoenix is always full of fun Road Races – challenge yourself by signing up for a 3K or 5K with your daughter & run together. of course, try to find a coupon to sweeten the deal. Head to Walmart to pick out a new puzzle & help her put it together. FUN for a really unique date idea – take her to the local rink. Take her to Jo Ann or Michael’s for a simple Craft Kit – you can do together at home some night when the boys are gone. No need to really buy much, but you could pop into the Sees Candy store, or even Claire’s, and share a cup of pretzel bites from the pretzel shop while you walk around and do window shopping.

Mc Dowell Adventures and score a 2 hour ride for between – per person. Now is TOO hot to ride horses — I know from experience. If you have a POGO Pass you can visit Skateland for FREE.

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Boundaries allow for intimate connection without dissolving or losing one's sense of self.

This important relationship is for most the medicine needed to cure hurt, pain, discomfort and conflicts.** YOU WILL TOGETHER CREATE A Vision BOARD!!

Yes to sharing eye makeup, yes to sharing hairdressers, No to matching haircuts and outfits.

It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning, it’s fairly close to town (only 15 minutes north of Mesa), and you can grab lunch on the way home together.

We had an amazing time at the Manifest Your Dreams 2018. I reminded them that I enjoy selfies because it is a form of a mirror and a reflection of themselves.

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