Dating online paid surf

If you want to go surfing outside these time frames, no problem, just ask one of the surf coaches and he will make sure that you get all you need for a sunrise of sunset surf session!We also organize during the week a number of morning and evening sessions.Zarautz Surf Village belongs to BOARDX Ltd., a trendsetting company offering active holidays with focus on extreme board sports and a dynamic lifestyle.

If you have subscribed a cancellation insurance, you can cancel the trip until the day preceding the departure, provided that you have a valid reason (sickness, accident, death of a close relative, resit taking place during the week of the journey).We will receive your payment as from the moment you have paid online.From experience, we know that people often forget about the payment due date, which leads to the automatic cancellation of your booking.Zarautz Surf Village is the result of this continued pursuit of perfection.On this magnificent location, we bring together people from all over the world, sharing the same passion for surfing and the surfing lifestyle.

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