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On the 17th September 1838, the line was opened throughout, the temporary station at Denbigh Hall being closed shortly afterwards.

It is interesting to note that although the Company did not at first offer a third-class service, third-class tickets were offered for the opening of the line to Boxmoor.

In most cases the returns indicated that third-class passengers were conveyed by the same trains as other passengers, but upon the London and Birmingham Railway they were conveyed by a special train along with cattle, horses and empty return-waggons.

[1]The seats are so arranged that the whole space of the carriage is accessible by a single door.

In April, 1845, they were for the first class 30s, 27s, and 23s; for the second class 18s and 16s; and for the third class 9s 5d.

In May, 1845, we reduced to 27s for the express; and 23s and 20s for the first class; the second class to 17s and 14s; and the third class the same.

Q ― What is the extent of the difference between the prices charged originally and the present prices? Q ― Have those reductions been attended in any instance with a loss of revenue?

A ― The reductions on the first class in the half year ending 30th of June, 1844, were 17 per cent, and it caused an increase in the number of passengers of 19 per cent.

― see him horizontally poke a card into a little machine that pinches it ― receive our ticket ― take our place ― read our newspaper ― on reaching our terminus, drive away perfectly careless of all or of any one of the innumerable arrangements necessary for the astonishing luxury we have enjoyed.At a time when agricultural labourers were supporting their families on between ten and fifteen shillings a week, at 2s.6d, even a third-class ticket into London would have been expensive.By the time the line was extended to Tring, Company advertising shows that third-class fares were no longer available, the cheapest Boxmoor to Euston (single) fare by then having increased to 3s. It is plainly evident that the Company had no interest in attracting the labouring-classes who had to await W. Gladstones Railway Regulation Act of 1844 for a service ― the parliamentary train ― that was cheap enough to enable working men to use the railways to find work: At this period third class passengers fared very badly, in fact, much worse than cattle do nowadays; far from being encouraged, they were tolerated as a necessary nuisance and that was all; but the Manchester and Birmingham Railway led the way to better things, and from the first treated its third-class patrons in a very generous way.Third class accommodation was provided on all the twelve trains which performed the journey each way daily at a rate of some twenty-five miles per hour.

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