Dating rose medallion

She is wearing a medallion similar to the crescent-shaped one we saw the bomber clutch before she died, and we quickly discover that the bomber was Rose's older sister, Paige.

The center medallion panel measures apx 22” square and is surrounded by eight crazy quilt blocks each also 22" square.Each silk piece is outline quilted with various Victorian stitching embellishments.The edging is pillowcased and then finished with an embroidery stitch created using various colors.When he reaches the final door to the center of Snoke's ship, DJ whips out Rose's medallion and uses it to short-circuit the operating mechanism and open the door, before handing the keepsake back to Rose.He then briefly quips that the metal the medallion is made of is the best conductor in the galaxy, and he knew he needed it to complete his break-in.

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