Dating scene in san francisco ca

We both grew up in So Cal and he is trying to move back down.He said that the majority of women there are not very attractive looking and there's such a low quantity that it's better to avoid the nightlife/dating scene altogether.There are definitely a lot of rich guys in the Bay Area (tech and non-tech) and I think they do skew the dating market.

I have a friend out there who is in his late 20s and he told me it's a horrible place to meet single women.In LA, they are more interested in partying and $ and less on career and education. LA ladies have a more "diva" mentality (some, not all, of course).I find Bay Area ladies to be generally more educated and easier to talk to and approach.Actually there's a ton of really cute girls in the Bay Area, but it can be hard to get them to notice you.IMO the main problem with dating for straight guys in the Bay Area is that Bay Area people in general tend to be hard to get to know.

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