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During the pilgrimage July 31, 2005 a plaque commemorating its centennial presented by Michael Neary, the Archbishop of Tuam.It was decided in 2005 to open the church every day during the summer, rather than just on holidays.means “Saint Feichin’s narrows”) is a village cross borders County Galway and County Mayo, Ireland.Cong is situated on an island formed by a number of streams that surround it on all sides.

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A small chapel was built on the top and dedicated July 20, 1905.

Klättringen led by the Archbishop of Tuam each year.

But the amount of visitors -estimated at 40,000 per year -and resulting erosion has caused concern for the safety of both the Catholic Church and local farmers who undertake safety measures.

Mass celebrated in the church on Reek Sunday and 15 August. Gold detection A seam of gold were discovered in the rock in the 1980s: overall grades of 14 grams of gold per tonne (0.45 oz gold per ton) for at least 12 quartz veins, which can produce 700,000 tons (770,000 tons) of ore – potentially over 300,000 troy oz of gold (worth over € 360).

But because of local opposition from the Mayo environmental group led by Paddy Hopkins, the Mayo County Council decided not to allow mining.

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