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Sam Kerr (Sydney, Australia) Name: Yezdi, Magdalena, Aaron Rustomjiemail: yrustom @Location: Houston, Texas Date: 11/09/2004Dearest Kaikhosrov and Piroja: Yezdi, Magdalena, Aaron are with you in spirit today: We remember when we first met you; and, while it was not soon enough then, you will always be with us in our life.

While you and Piroja have become our most influential friends, our greatest pleasure and satisfaction is in that our son, Aaron, has had the great fortune to know both of you.

The Hopi Indians have a proverb- The one who tells the stories, rules the world: Apparently, the Hopis did not have some priests to reckon with as you have.

But, Kaikhosrov, you have never been too far removed from ruling the world (as Piroja occasionally complained- but lovingly): Many of us have felt quite privileged to be your subjects, whenever we gathered to listen to you; or sat down to discuss your writings, including your great father Dinshaws translation of the Gathas.

As a family, we have come to understand our pristine Zarthushtrian philosophy from your thoughtful lectures and by reading your works: And if we have learned anything from both of you (quoting Goethe) it is that- From early on (you) have suspected that the so important sounding task Know thyself is a ruse of a cabal of priests.

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