Dating sites for dialysis patients

I want women I date to know what the deal is because I believe in being up front - but I do NOT want dialysis or kidney failure to rule my life or dating so look sure if someone asks foe details I'll talk about it, but I never want to go on and on and make it all about me, or sound like I want sympathy(I don't! I told her it was totally fine with me if she did and I didn't want her to be restricted just because *I* was, but this lead to a bit of an argument and things ended on a bit of a sour note (oh dear)....

I did have one awkward evening where the girl I was with, trying to be mega considerate, declared she couldn't possibly have a second cup of coffee in front of me because I wouldn't have one too(cuz of the fluids).

start cycler Setp 3 '09 On UNOS list (27th b day)Dec 09 peritonitis Richard, I can't believe you are too geeky to date!

Like Savemeimdtba said, you just have to look in the right places. Geeky or not, you have a great sense of humor and have a great attitude about life!

” I proceeded to tell him about PKD and my other health issues.

I wanted to make sure I was honest with him, that he knew my health challenges and what I was passionate about.

If I knew someone who lived where you did, I'd be the first one to tell my single friends that I found a really good guy for them!

vivisfab, as far as your question goes, I'm too old and have been married too long to give you any advice!! Stacy (without an E) - I can't believe you've been told to cover up your "gross" arm???! I've had a few ask me if it hurts, or what it's like..I've had fun freaking a few out with my thrill..

I'm tired of being told I'm damaged goods. Stacy Without An E1st Kidney Transplant: May 19832nd Kidney Transplant: January 19963rd Kidney Transplant: Any day now. No stacy dialysis should win if it is in competition w comments like that.

I strive to be the best woman that I can be and make him proud.

We hear the saying, “Try and put yourself in their shoes.” I try and do that with Noah, but it’s hard. I was recently sitting on our bedroom floor organizing my meds for the following day.

” I said, “No thanks, I had a kidney transplant.” Now that I look back, I could have been a little more subtle on sharing that information, but I’d rather be upfront.

Noah’s beaming and full-of-life smile led me to giving him my number.

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