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These were odal or udal tenure which was of Norse origin, and feudal tenure of Scottish origin.In practice most of the culivated land (townland) was held in the run-rig system where small plots worked by different tenants were intermixed in a bewildering mosaic without formal boundaries.There are roughly 70 islands but only 17 are inhabited.Kirkwall, the county's main town, is on the largest island, The Mainland.

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Scots had started to settle in Orkney in the previous century, but it remained a semi-autonomous Earldom until 1614.All these bibliographies list selections made by James Irvine from the numerous publications on various aspects of Orkney life and history.They are listed in reverse order of publication, to reflect the generally increasing difficulty in obtaining copies and lessening historical accuracy.A causeway links the southern islands of Burray and South Ronaldsay to the Mainland of Orkney.Remains of prehistoric origin are to be found in abundance.

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