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As of 2010, 67.43% of all residents spoke English as their first language, while 22.59% spoke Spanish, 2.44% French Creole (mostly Haitian Creole,) 1.23% Portuguese, 0.88% Vietnamese, 0.78% Indian languages (including Gujarati and Hindi,) 0.58% Tagalog, 0.53% Chinese, 0.50% French, and 0.45% of the population spoke Arabic as their mother language.

The county functions under a charter form of government.

In 2010, 19.1% of the county's population was foreign born, with 43.8% being naturalized American citizens.

Of foreign-born residents, 68.9% were born in Latin America, 17.8% born in Asia, 8.1% were born in Europe, 3.0% born in Africa, 2.0% in North America, and 0.2% were born in Oceania.

In 1821, when the United States acquired the territory, two counties formed Florida: Escambia to the west and St. After population increased in the region, the legislature organized several counties, such as Osceola, Seminole, Lake, and Volusia, from its territory.

With no realistic avenues for agricultural use of this rural land, and Florida's continuing strong population growth and its attendant needs (aided and supported by the success of nearby Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida), these areas began to be developed for housing.Voters then decide whether to accept or reject all amendments put forth.If voters approve an amendment, it is then inserted into the charter.Four districts of the US House of Representatives represent parts of Orange County.District 7 encompasses all of Seminole County and portions of northern Orange County Places include: Maitland, Winter Park and parts of Orlando District 8 encompasses all of Brevard and Indian River Counties and far eastern Orange County District 9 encompasses all of Osceola County, eastern Polk County and south central Orange County Places include: parts of Orlando District 10 encompasses western Orange County Places include: Apopka, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Windermere and parts of Orlando Orange County residents are represented in Tallahassee with 3 Senate seats.

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