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Last night we watched a documentary on going Vegan and afterwards my husband said he could probably cut out cold cuts and he agreed to be a pescatarian for the month of January and I would be a vegetarian.Eventually, I’d like to go vegan, but here are my main concerns: social eating – what do you do when someone makes you cake, cookies, or biscuits and you know they have eggs in them, or everyone is getting together for pizza? My step-mother-in-law is a gourmet and when we go out to eat, she orders and we all share.Look at international dishes, pre-industrial vegetarian recipes (there are a number of vegetarian cookery books available through Gutenberg), raw foodist recipes, and the plethora of vegan and gluten free blogs available online. Reply I’m very green when it comes to this eating style. Although, the meat substitutes are highly processed and often have the nutrition of fried bread they can help in a class five craving.I find that they have gotten less desirable as I have started to get more recipes under my belt.We have a healthy vibrant 22 month old and I am expecting another baby in March.We have never felt better :) Reply What’s interesting about meat substitutes is that most of them have wheat ingredients.

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Instead of looking for any meat substitutes, my family and I gave up all meat and found delicious homemade veg and legume alternatives (try Angela’s lentil loaf – better than any “fake” meat you will ever find!! We eat tofu, mostly because we love the texture and find it easy to flavour with marinades.It sounds like you are open to new ideas which is the best place to start from.xo Johanna Reply Jen, I TOTALLY understand your social eating situations, I feel the same way.I’m okay not eating the meat substitutes, but would love additional recipes that are vegan, gluten-free entrees.Also, if you had any suggestions at all for substituting vital wheat gluten, that would be awesome.

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