Dating someone genderqueer

As a gay person, I’m pretty much attracted to anyone who’s not a dude.Physically, mentally, emotionally – I only like females.Like, straight people don't tend to have a sort of concrete 'reason' for who they're attracted to, for example. I'm out as being attracted to basically anyone, and while nobody's said anything, I do wonder what cis people think of it, and if it maybe blurs the line between my gender and my sexuality for them.But I can certainly say that my attraction to NB people is a little less... (Which I have no real objection to, as IMO they're linked in at least some small way for me.)I just googled the term as I had never heard it before, and according to all the top results, it's definitely attraction to non-binary people, not just androgynous people.I don't know if I have specific features, I suppose killer bone structure but to be honest who doesn't like that??Oh wait, what the other commenter said below: They can come in all body-types and appearances but the ones I seem to find pretty are skinny/lanky/tall (although not always), and lacking in secondary sexual characteristics (breasts, facial hair, etc.)I'm NB and pan.I can be with someone who satisfies my sexuality while completing me romantically. It sounds like you're like me, but more complex.

Perhaps fully transitioning to male would make you feel more free to express yourself, since everyone around you would accept your role as the "man" more often.

This is evident from this thread alone where the majority of specific responses indicate a preference for visibly gender-variant people.

It is aburd because the definition of the term has no relationship to real life.

In the end, they both abandoned their female identities - and yet my partner was still stuck playing the female role because her partner was "more" of a man.

Now, my partner feels a lot more satisfied with her role in our relationship.

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