Dating someone overweight

Studies have found that even preschoolers are more likely to choose thin or average-size children to play with rather than overweight ones.

As we grow and mature, overweight individuals often find themselves being at a disadvantage in dating and forming long-term relationships.

Not only do most of these studies focus on females, but there has been relatively little attention paid to the kind of bias attached to other forms of weight loss, i.e., use of diet pills.

But weight bias also plays a powerful role in the kind of relationships we form.Interestingly enough, females also indicated they were more likely to rate overweight people as friends rather than thin ones while men showed the opposite trend.As for how formerly obese people were rated, ratings of mate value and romantic interest also dropped when participants learned about past history of obesity, regardless of weight loss method.It's hardly a surprise that people who are obese face considerable discrimination.Whether seeking a new job, being in the workplace, or applying for health coverage, the bias against overweight men and women can be hard to overcome.

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