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By 1984, SM could play four sold-out gigs back-to-back at Toronto's Massey Hall.

(U2 was booked for one night only at the hall in the same year, although surely they could have played more shows.) On this tour of Canada, they were of course headliners, supported by China Crisis...

It was actually in two large former British colonies (see comment by Dave of Cardiff) that Simple Minds was initially really successful to the point of mega-cult status: Australia and more particularly Canada, where "Love Song" became their first bonafide hit (#15).

This song's success led to the re-vamping of the tracklist for "Sons And Fascination" in Canada (erroneously referred to as the "US version"): the far superior running order and selection included 10 tracks, beginning with "Love Song" and including the enigmatic "League Of Nations", while excluding "70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall", "Careful In Career", "Wonderful In Young Life" and "Seeing Out The Angel".

Henry Grattan Flood suggested the 1672 Dutch march 'Wilhelmus von Nassau' as another candidate which in turn was a reworking of a French version from 1568.

The British Grenadiers refers to Grenadiers in general, not the Grenadier Guards Regiment and all Fusilier units were entitled to use it.

Well, what you were singing back then might not have been as sweet as you thought.

moment that defines adulthood: When you realize your favorite song as a kid was actually super raunchy and incredibly creepy.

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It appears in John Playford's 1728 collection of dance tunes as "The New Bath," while Victorian musicologist William Chappell also suggested links to a 1622 work called "Sir Edward Nowell's Delight." The debate is best summarised by the composer Ernest Walker in 1907 who described the melody as "three centuries evolution of an Elizabethan tune." The melody was introduced into Britain as a military march during the 1689-1702 reign of William III and has similarities with one written for Prince John William of Friesland, 1689-1711.

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