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The dress Whilst modern day wedding dresses are typically white, this hasn’t always been the case.Ancient Roman brides wore yellow and orange veils, whilst brides from Longobardi would wear a black tunic, not a very popular colour today!The throwing of the bouquet is very much a tradition in Italy as it is the world over, with the lucky lady who catches it said to be guaranteed a marriage within a year.The bridesmaids The tradition of having bridesmaids comes from ancient Egypt, where they believed that evil spirits would wish to spoil the day.The bridesmaids, in their brightly coloured dresses, would confuse the spirits and stop them identifying the bride The honeymoon The term ‘honeymoon’ comes from ancient Rome, where the happy couple would eat honey for the duration of one moon after the wedding.So your Italian wedding in a way continues as you head off for your honeymoon!Others say she may have plucked her own eyes out to protest the poor treatment of Christians. “Yule” came from the Norse word hweol, meaning wheel.

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In Italy, confetti is thrown in odd numbers, as originally there would be just five pieces to symbolise the five qualities of marriage; health, fertility, longevity, happiness and wealth.In Italy, the wedding ring is referred to as ‘vera’, meaning fidelity.Rings are traditionally engraved on the inside with the couple’s names; the groom’s inside the bride’s and the bride’s inside the groom’s.The night would end when everyone threw their torches onto a large pile of straw, creating a huge bonfire.In Finland today, one girl is chosen to serve as the national Lucia and she is honored in a parade in which she is surrounded by torchbearers. Lucia Day, as her name, which is derived from the Latin word lux, means light.

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