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In others words, the first watt is the worst watt ... Unfortunately, speakers are reactive: they can't help it, they're bandpass filters, and they also store energy for relatively long periods of time (milliseconds) and reflect it back to the amplifier.With most amplifiers, the reactive and delayed energy from the speaker driver greatly increases the amplifier distortion.These two classes of amps are what most audiophiles the world over had heard until the re-introduction of SE-DHT amps in the early Nineties, which created turmoil and dissension in the industry and trade magazines that lasts to this day.Joe Robert's Sound Practices magazine promoted the combination of (very) low power, direct-heated triodes, single-ended circuits, and efficient speakers.

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I agreed more speaker efficiency was a Good Thing, but didn't care for horn coloration (and still don't).The problem is that the "footprint" of the system, that is the amount of data which must be downloaded before you can start using it is now about 1Megabyte - and this situation will get worse as new sets are added.To combat this problem, I intend to perform a major rewrite of this database system in the next few months to allow it to start performing queries very much faster than is presently possible.They also execute searches on the web server rather than in your browser so may give faster results on slower machines especially if your machine struggles to run mine.I've been designing loudspeaker systems since 1975, but I didn't move into electronic design until 1996, when I started the Amity project.

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