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Time dilation occurs due to the individual becoming hyper aware of the hind brain (the seat of fight or flight).

Rational thought and reasoning would inhibit an individual from acting rapidly upon impulse.

A person in rage may also experience tunnel vision, muffled hearing, increased heart rate, and hyperventilation.

Their vision may also become "rose-tinted" (hence "seeing red").

In addition, an increase in white matter tissues assisted in an individual's ability to adapt to new cultures and environments.

Although high doses of epinephrine have been proven to impair memory, moderate doses of epinephrine actually enhance memory.

Nearly two decades later, more came to be known about the impacts of high epinephrine.

As the focus in neuroscience began to shift towards the roles of white matter tissues, a more full bodied understanding of this complex emotion was able to be extrapolated.

The Vulgar Latin spelling of the word possesses many cognates when translated into many of the modern Romance languages, such as Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Portuguese, and modern Italian: rabia, rabia, ràbia, raiva, and rabbia respectively.

Rage can sometimes lead to a state of mind where the individuals experiencing it believe they can do, and often are capable of doing, things that may normally seem physically impossible.

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