Dating white trash women

“The Nephilim” were said to be a result of the coupling of “the sons of God” and “the daughters of men”.(4) The idea of “Gods” changed to “devils”, when Gregory of Nyssa (300 AD) touched on the subject of the formation of demons, postulating that women who mated with demons produced more demons.Over four years time, 130 women reported being assaulted in their sleep.At first, the leaders of the puritanical old-order Christian community dismissed the stories, deciding the women were just making up fanciful stories (because all women when left unchecked, are prone to being dirty, lying whores, of course).

A typical ghost rape is described, and is illustrated by one of the group’s “clairvoyant artists” : “In this case a subtle-sorcerer (māntrik), a higher ghost is sitting astride on the woman and transmitting his black energy on her.(1) In the wake of the era of witch trials, the idea of the incubus still played well to a sexually repressed European public during the Romantic Era, and was represented famously in legendary paintings by John Henry Fuseli and William Blake, among others.The pure deviousness of delicious and wrong deviant boning in the dead of night piqued the imagination of artists of the time, and images of helpless maidens being ravaged by awful fanged monsters were projected, flickering and terrifying, at the then-popular phantasmagoria shows.He is looking at her breasts with lustful eyes and fondling her.The woman went into a state of deep sleep and then the subtle-sorcerer raped her.

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