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This is just another gesture to let you know that we care about all the women who become members and we want to make sure that they receive the best information, best advice and knowledge in the world. However, this may not always be your cup of tea and that's completely OK!

Inside of every video lesson, you will find the equivalent audio files for you to download and put onto your portable devices. Every video lesson is meticulously transcribed, so if you prefer to read over watching videos or listening to audio, then you can download these transcriptions underneath every single video and read at your own pace.

Then 2 days after, you will receive the second module of Understanding Men.

Of course we will be in your email inbox every step along the way to guide you through this! Understanding Men is primarily a video based program as that is the most powerful method of content delivery.

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Let me put this another way for you Would you pay just 54 cents a day to learn everything you need to know about the common masculine perspective?

Lifetime Upgrades Once you become a members, you will get access forever and all the upgrades and updates we release in the future.

And there's always new things to pick up the 2nd time or 3rd time around! After she went through this home study program, she sent us an email telling us how this should be compulsory learning for all women at a young age. So just take a moment to imagine this again Imagine for a moment, if you had the ability to read a man's mind like an open book You would see all his deepest and most protected desires and fears, you'd see all his strengths as well as his vulnerabilities.This insight itself will shatter your old paradigm about men, and instil a new one that men will love you for!You will learn one of the greatest insights about men which is their greatest desires and fears. Re rooftop yoga to support match rentals, this instant locale provides a slick-style website for relationships.Pardon the search do on the digit, you can people tune what in you receive in a woman.

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