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Beyond that, the second you are caught in a lie, everything else you say comes into question." — Eric Resnick, Owner And Lead Dating Coach at Profile"Some of the worst advice I've ever heard is 'just be yourself, someone will come along'. It's like putting your child in front of the TV all day so you don't have to parent them or deal with them." — John Keegan, Dating Expert"‘Don't worry about finding a partner; the right person will come along’," Bennet says.

“While worrying is never a good idea, if you don't actively focus on finding a good partner, one isn't going to magically pop into your life.


"Friends can be a great source of relationship advice so long as you recognize that their 'wisdom' has its limits," certified counselor Jonathan Bennett tells Bustle. What worked for your friends might not work for you.

He won’t ditch you to hang out with his dudes, "ghost" into thin air, use you as a band-aid or a placeholder, or end things via text.

" [1] YES: Your guy does do the right thing, even when it hurts.

— the reality is that this advice is complete garbage.

Justifying anything by saying that others do it is a great way to fail. It's really like a way to dismiss someone and not get into though the real meat of what's going on.

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