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THE FOLLOWING IS A LITTLE LONG, BUT READ IT AND CONSIDER IT, AND DON’T GET OFFENDED AS THEY ARE GENERAL COMMENTS, AND NOT ABOUT YOU SPECIFICALLY - BUT YOU WILL KNOW WHICH ONES APPLY AND WHICH ONES ARE GOOD FOR YOU. Spend muchless time with her, show that you are not there on call for when she wants you,and you have your own life which doesnt revolve around her. And with time she will either respect you and it'll drive were wild about you, or she'll find another support mechanism, then you'll knokw But make sure you do some og the followingn points below ok? Change something major in your life (house is a good one) but expensive and not always viable.

If she really is the "one", she'd wait for you right? From recall of your previous thread, it appears she is a bit of a user (unintentional, don’t get me wrong) and is probably spoilt - I wouldn’t trust her.Further, I wouldn't let her waste any more of my time - do yourself a favour, hard as it may be, and cut back on time on her significantly.Frankly, why do a her girlfriend's job for her, if there is nothing in it for you (potential) or you don't know her brother etc? DO MALE THINGS - drink beer (never be one of those wine snobs), go places, hang, do stuff, learn to roller blade or ride a motorbike (that is fun, and women really dig them) 19.GET A PET - if you live alone DONT get a dog unless it is say 7 to 10 years and sleeps alot, doesn't demand too much attention, but likes a daily walk and enjoys "hanging out".

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