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Am I Really Hungry is available at Whole Foods stores,, Barnesand, and local bookstores.Jane speaks regularly about intuitive eating for quality of life on the radio.Jane's work to raise awareness to help Food Bank Miami. BODY CHECKLIST / All About Cravings Intuitive Eating expert, Jane Bernard was asked by Body Checklist, about cravings. TWO GIRLS ON THE GO This beautiful and dynamic duo regularly provide delicious, healthy easy to make recipes that your body will love!Sometimes we confuse wanting food with craving to get out of ruts and start feeling excited about life. Committed to health and fitness, they say you should read Am I Really Hungry to find inspiration and common sense ways to turn your life around.

When you've had an exhausting day, you may not feel hungry- so don't eat. Learn to recognize intuitive cues from your body and trust your private intuitive voice.

It's good to learn about what's healthy but your body responds to food in a completely unique way from every else!

This means, what fills me up may not satisfy you, or what your friend eats may cause bloat in your stomach.

That's why she's posted Jane's technique on Dating Diva Daily. "De-Stress and Dine Smart" Your children look to you as a role model for how to eat and what attitude to have towards their bodies.

Eating intuitively removes diet stress from your table and your family.

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