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A would-be Romeo dons a web-print hat and clutches a flower between his teeth on his shot; a muscular chap teams his black jeans and bare chest with an over-sized tie loosely knotted around his neck We hope this single has some good washing powder on hand to remove the stains left by her wet T-shirt pose achieved thanks to a giant can of Jaguar, an alcohol energy drink popular in post-Soviet countries For one gentleman, a crouching pose with a cigarette and smouldering expression is sure to find him love; one chap shows off his gymnastic prowess with the standing-up splits against a ladder That's one way of eating fruit!

Right a man relies on a 'sexy' dead fox headpiece to entice an online love interest A woman uses those tried and tested seduction tools, a banana and a newspaper, to help in her quest for love The men don't spare any blushes when looking for love too.

Bizarrely some of the images selected by the online daters feature weapons.

In this survey one more thing was also revealed that out of 28% of participants who have cheated on their partners 7% of people still continue lto pay for sex while 3% have done this in the past. Masturbation is harmful to health: 39% of participants believe that masturbation is actually harmful to health. 72% participant believed that masturbation is acceptable for women and 73% participant thought it is okay for a man to jerk off. Women are more acceptable towards infidelity than men.: In this survey men had sterner view than women, from sex to masturbating to doing something without the consent.

Many girls love a sporty fellow Beer tricks: One of the pictures shows a topless man, complete with a lego-esque haircut and high-waisted trousers.

The sultry selection of shots feature a lady wielding an axe that looks almost as heavy as her, a chubby chap wielding a plastic tennis raquet and, for some reason, a woman hiding inside a washing machine.

A slightly unusual dating pic, it must be said Heart throb: This chap's seasonal look should stand him in good stead Another dating hopeful appears to be sporting Santa hat, and possible a long white wig.

A man of wealth, if not sophistication Other gems included another fishy photo - this time with a young man showing off a significantly smaller catch.

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