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I suppose some might claim that can be put down to artist licence.Anyway, a show a few months back took on a house remarkably similar to my own, not only in terms of layout, but also the dated eighties (OK, seventies) décor.It was fast developing realisation that costs were starting to spiral, and I’d not even finished painting the walls.On the TV show, their budget kitted out the place with all sorts of accessories too! After a few days hard graft, the walls look great, but everything else is pretty much the same as it was before.induced by the dissociation of methane hydrate is linked to the spatial and temporal changes in methane hydrate concentrations in continental margins. There is hardly any direct evidence that the observed slides and slumps are triggered by methane hydrate dissociation.Up to now, observations and possible connections between methane hydrate and slumps exist in selected areas of nearly all ocean margins.Now, I remember the show from my student years, with any excuse to watch a bit of trashy daytime TV to avoid getting some studying done.

It has been suggested that for the past 45 ky, glacial-period slope failures occur mainly in low latitudes associated with sea level lowstand.I still love to make things with people I care about more than just about anything.I hope to hear what you're passionate about and make something awesome with you.Dating of turbidites resulted in an equally complex picture.At the Norwegian margin, the inferred slides occurred during (1) periods of sea level lowstand or an advance or presence of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet at the shelf break, or (2) at periods of rapid sea level rise accompanied by ocean warming.

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