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(Don’t cry for him; he did just fine.) a part that ultimately went to Christian Bale.The actor has remained fairly zen about those lost parts, telling the Daily Mail in 2015 that he was “open” to both roles, but readily accepted that they ultimately went to other stars.They just have this chemistry between them and IRL, Z and Tom are just as close.

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This was back in 2003, when then-franchise star Tobey Maguire was rumored to be leaving the series, due to the physical toll it had taken on him—prompting the studio to meet with potential stars who could essentially Aunt Viv the next installment of the blockbuster-superhero series.Since Peter's death, MJ has become an EMO and spends most of her time trying to find definitive proof that Nick Fury and S. She sewed Peter's costumes, once calling herself the Betsy Ross of superheroes. Mary Jane had engaged in a brief romance with Harry Osborn before she began dating Peter Parker.They're ~friends~ if you will, since Z's character Michelle — or MJ as she likes to be called — doesn't really have too many friends but at the end of the movie when Peter's crush moves away and MJ becomes the captain of the decathlon team they're both on, it's clear their relationship is for sure going to grow in the sequel.She does give him a bit of a lingering, slightly confused look at the end when he runs off to the bathroom to you know, deal with superhero stuff she has no idea about, so sparks are brewing.

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    (Toric designs correct astigmatism.) THE FAILED Synchrony (developed by Visiogen) was a mechanical accommodating IOL with two lenses that moved closer or farther apart to change focus.

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    If you follow the steps here instead (to remove a domain) and then add the domain to another distribution, there will be a period of time during which the domain won’t link to the new distribution because Cloud Front is propagating to the updates to edge locations.

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