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Audience Geography The audience geography data describes where visitors to this site over the past month are located, and how the site is ranked in popular countries. Engagement metrics help you understand how interested a site's visitors are with the site's content.If a country is not listed, it is because Alexa does not have enough data for this site to rank/measure the site's popularity among that country's online population. The metrics are updated daily based on the trailing 3 months.So I advice you to make an appointment with your doctor for tests to know the exact cause & treat accordingly. BONUS and Positive Feedback are always greatly appreciated.How could I have herpes if I have not been with any other partners and my partner does not have herpes?Site owners who install the Alexa Certify Code on their website can choose to display their Certified Metrics, such as Monthly Unique Visitors and Pageviews, if they wish.

Can you get herpes and have had it for many years and not know? Many people with HSV-2 infection never have sores, or they have very mild symptoms that they do not even notice .

The more traffic a site gets, the more data we have to calculate estimated metrics.

Estimates are more reliable the closer a site is to being ranked #1.

The signs and symptoms of HSV can be so mild they go unnoticed for years.

Approximately 1 in 6 members of the general infected population is thought to shed active virus occasionally without symptoms.

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