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The noise-cancelling is excellent – definitely in the same league as the Bose and Sony pairs on our list – and it adjusts itself according to how much noise there is to cancel.

Or, you can flick a switch to turn the noise-cancelling on full whack.

Be careful not to confuse them with passive headphones, which simply use insulation within the headphones to block out external noise – and are often cheaper.We tested them in the Indy Best office, walking along a busy high street and on a noisy London Underground train, focusing mainly on noise-cancelling capability, sound quality and comfort.Thanks to its Quiet Comfort series, Bose has long been considered the definitive name in noise-cancelling.A very solid offering which will give around 24 hours of battery life.Buy now These exceptionally light (150g), on-ear headphones score highest in terms of portability, folding up into an impressively small travel pouch.

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