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Bernstein #541 – My Shamanic Path with Sergey Baranov #539 – The Lies We Tell Ourselves with Jon Frederickson MSW #535 – Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy with Patricia Coughlin Ph D #534 – Your Mind Is Bigger Than Your Brain with Daniel J.Siegel MD #527 – Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation with Alexandra Katehakis #520 – Life Reimagined at Midlife with Barbara Bradley Hagerty #518 – Understanding Addiction As A Developmental Disorder with Maia Szalavitz #516 – Ending The Parent-Teen Control Battle with Neil D.Jean – #191 – Stopping Self-Sabotage with Pat Pearson #190 – Iconi Cards: The Un-Tarot with Sharon Livingston #189 – Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner #188 – Technology and The Evolving Brain with Gary Small, M. Jurgen Kremer, and Gail Hayssen) #167- Shrink Rap Radio LIVE#11 – Chumps for Chimps!(with Jerry Trumbule, MS, Ph D(abd)) #166 – A Jungian View of The Feminine in Film (with John Beebe, M.

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Jeremy Taylor) #50 – Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & Solution-Oriented Therapy (with Bill O’Hanlon, M. D.) #41 – Bodymind Healing with Qi Qong with Michael Mayer #40 – Practical Police Psychology (with Dr.

Charles Merrill) #116 – Undoing The Ego (with Nouk Sanchez and Thomas Vieria) #115 – Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy and Education (with Dr.

Myrtle Heery) #114 – The Podcast and New Media Expo (with various podcasters) #113 – Visit To A Psychology Club (with Dr. D.) #109 – War and The Soul with Edward Tick Ph D #105 – The Psychology of Doing Good (with Stephen Post, Ph.

If you do, just be sure to drop me an e-mail before you start, so that I can make sure there is no duplication of effort. Clicking on the file should display it on your computer, while a right-click should download it to your hard drive (control-click on Macintosh). Chris Walling #604 – Applying Polyvagal Theory to The Treatment of Trauma with Deb Dana LCSW #600 – The Future of Psychotherapeutic Apps with Psychologist Silja Litvin #597 – Reviewing The Science on Addiction with Carlton Erickson Ph D #583 – Coffee with Freud with Professor Brett Kahr TRANSCRIPTION IN PROCESS BY MAHYAR ALINAHGI 2/2/18 #573 – A Jungian Confronts Racial and Sexual Injustice in Mississippi with Tony Caldwell #567 – Tea With Winnicott with Professor Brett Kahr #564 – The New Mind Body Science of Depression with Charles Raison MD #563 – Psychoanalysis in Tehran with Dr.

Gohar Homayounpour #561 – Narcissism and Love with Jungian Analyst Kenneth Kimmel #550 – Archetypal Roots in The Evolution of Consciousness and the Upheaval of Paradigm Shift with Jerome S.

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