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I didn't read the whole thing, but the guy needs to get a diary ASAP! The same goes to those that vent their crap on blogs..name or not, it's such a turn off , & last time I checked, journals cost nothing. That's the male equivalent of a woman with a "man hater" profile (in a way) like David describes.

& his idea of a date is to discuss bad experiences....? :) David, there is something I'd like to add to the list. To be fair, this man did start to talk about himself and what he was looking for after that long diatribe, but how many women could get through that first?

I've seem girls post their pics online with the caption: " I'm so ugly! It's a pathetic way to fish for complements in my opinion. Venting crap on blogs....wouldn't by any chance be talking about the guys on the men's blog, huh? I have a good friend who lasted about 24 hours on OKC.

She was flooded with the creeps who troll the dating sites for "fresh meat." She was freaked out and horrified by how upfront these guys were with their sexual demands.

David Wygant is an internationally-renowned dating and relationship coach, author and speaker.

If that isn’t what you want, then write something on your profile!

The truth is, the majority of women don’t know how to write an online dating profile, and the result is frustration and disappointment. And before you’re 50 you want to ride into the sunset for a lifetime of passion and romance. While I agree that women should not do any of these things with their online profiles, a lot of men are just as clueless.

Now, today isn’t all about the pictures you post (although those are important too! Here is a profile I looked up a few months back because a friend of mine went out with this guy after meeting him in a Meetup group.

But look how utterly boring these profiles are, you think it's hard with the creep guys, it doesn't get that much better with us either when it comes to online dating unless your Laura who hit the jackpot..Go Laura go...:)Mike, I have to say, those are some pretty lame profiles the ladies put up.

Everyone does need to do a better job of profile writing if you're dating online.

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