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“Dreaming of having physical relations with him or ignoring your partner to spend more time with him are insincere actions that can lead to infidelity.” True, you can’t help how you feel -- but you can be fair to your partner and take that moment to look closely and reevaluate your relationship.Because acting on such treacherous feelings is a condition that already has a name on Web MD -- Bad Girlfriend Disorder.even a handful of great guys with whom I developed real, lasting relationships. Symptoms include: approaching him first at parties to chat and find out what’s new in his life, ordering him his go-to beer when you buy a round, and trying to impress him with your biting wit and easygoing demeanor. But I swear on my wine rack, feelings of perfidious romantic affection for a lover’s BFF have NEVER been the case.I was happy in my relationships and adored each boyfriend (at the time).

“It’s detrimental if you’re flirting with the friend for self-serving attention, or if you’re trying to get him to put the moves on you,” explains Sullivan."I have had lots of great friends, but there is a magic in the air when that friendship moves to something stronger." Though you might not be sure at first, when you know, you know."You will start making up excuses to go see that special friend, you start remembering tiny details of when you are together, and when you look at each other there is more of a deep soul connection that just a passing glance," Alex says.Here’s the Sparknotes version of my young adult life story: varsity cheerleader, college English major, resident of four different cities… Don’t bother looking up the definition on Wikipedia or Web MD -- it’s a term I’ve coined myself.and now, a 29-year-old, mostly mature woman living in Manhattan. Take, for example, the men I dated: selfish toads, guys with personalities akin to damp napkins… Best Friend Syndrome (also known as BFS, because anything legit has an abbreviation) is the desire to spend time with and be viewed positively by your significant other’s best friend.

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