Dealing with online dating rejection speed dating hamburg erfahrungen

These are all normal feelings under the circumstances.Whatever the form of rejection you suffered, I’ll help you discover new ways of looking at the situation and specific strategies to help you feel better.If you’ve met your online date in person and things don’t work out, there’s no reason to take that to heart either. Entering the dating game opens you up to rejection in its many forms.

If it was something about the way you looked in your photo, or something you said in your profile that turned the other person off, so be it. Related: Julie Spira Discusses ‘The Perils of Cyber-Dating’ Take online dating rejection lightly, and move on.By Debbie Lamedman When you’re dating online, you never know to whom you’re talking. All you see is someone’s profile and a picture, and if you contact them and there’s no response, you move on.It’s a rejection, but there’s no reason to take it personally.Deep down, you might have been expecting a major fall-out. Or are you automatically blaming yourself, and trying to identify what you’ve done wrong?Or perhaps you’ve felt like your partner’s been changing lately. When you’re in the middle of such a confusing situation, it can be difficult to find the answers on your own.

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