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Credit cards are the most common type of debt that can be negotiated and settled for less than the total balance owed.Much of the debt settlement guide focuses on this from of unsecured debt for that reason.But there are many other types of debts that the guides can be applied to.You will find guides related to settling business debts, medical bills, personal loans, and more, throughout the site.There are elements to settling some types of debts that you can set your clock to because the process can be highly predictable.

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Following the recommended outline for settling credit cards is suggested because: Following the way we have laid out this section, no matter what stage of collection you might be in (and especially if you are still current with payments to creditors), puts you in the best position to succeed with debt settlement.You cannot fully afford the debts you have now, but can afford something, and would prefer to manage the situation outside of bankruptcy.Each of your credit card lenders will have a policy for how they handle collecting on accounts that go delinquent. Yes, getting the best deals, and the most from settling debt, is in the details.If we can save you from making uninformed debt and credit decisions that can hurt, rather than help you, we want to.If we can save you money when you settle credit card debts, we will.

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