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Stephen Flurry's tells how the WCG stole the goods produced on the backs of tithe payers.What about all the money given to build PCG's college and auditorium and houses on the grounds?Someone at ESN was kind enough to email me and that put the nail in the coffin of the "cult of Armstrong" as far as I am concerned.It sickens me to think I put a sexually immoral, thieving pervert on such a high pedestal.

How will they backtrack to explain the "eras" and "passing of the baton" then?(Read about it by typing "divorce and remarriage hypocrisy pcg" into a search engine. We do not promote this website or views, but we do know the PCG minister marked over D&R, and his letter posted on that blog is good.) He was marked for not wanting to split up families! We who have been on the inside know better, but this is still what looks good to outsiders when visiting their website.Well, when Gerald Flurry dies and they are forced to explain the "last hour," "the last era," and the fact that "That Prophet" is dead (and his prophecies did not happen as stated--see Deuteronomy -22); it is my sincere hope that people will wake up and question what is going on."The 78-year old pastor general said he had felt tired and run down earlier in the week, but felt he needed to push through to deliver the sermon, which focused on new revelation from Ezekiel. Flurry struggled with a weakened voice when taping an episode of the television program on Wednesday."The pastor general said he will continue to rest through the coming week and is looking forward to returning to full broadcasting and writing duties as soon as possible." --Anonymous Heartache From an Institution Promoting Family!

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