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The report highlights that the pace of progress is not matching global ambition and calls for immediate action to put the world on course to reach critical 2020 targets. Cleve Jones worked with Harvey Milk in the '70s; was an AIDS activist in the '80s; started the AIDS Quilt & made it grow in the '90s; & continues to fight for LGBT equality.

The GOP-controlled House on Thursday eliminated new funding for states to strengthen election security, drawing protests from Democrats who said Republicans are not doing enough to prevent Russian meddling. EDGE spoke to Jones as he prepares to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Both of my parents are mixed and my maternal grandmothers are both white and my paternal grandfathers are black. : If you were smart enough to read, you would have read that I said BLACK WOMEN and WHITE MEN.

Log in to Reply white men and black women is much more common the most famous people mixed people are white men dad and black women to portugal,france,italy,and latin countries and you see is more common black women with white men. Marsha is half black and half white, not half white and half asian. I was clearly talking about how I never see black women with white men.

Log in to Reply Do you have something against black men and white women being together? (Even though you’re wrong, and the majority of the world would agree that black women and white men are a rare couple).

Most mulattoes have a white mother and a black father.

Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Obama, Paula Patton, Shemar Moore, Boris Kodjoe, Persia White, Lisa Bonet, Sade, Victoria Rowell, Sophie Okonedo, Barbara Becker, Rick Fox, Jasmine Guy, Ben Harper, Mariah Carey (her father is mixed though), Mya, Jason Kidd, Rashida Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Derek Jeter, Leona Lewish, Corbin Bleu, Jordin Sparks, Lewis Hamilton, Samantha Mumba, Craig David, Sherri Saum, Alanna Davis, etc all have white mothers and black fathers.

Log in to Reply i see more black mother and white barry, Andre Ward, Bob Marley, Slash, Eusebio(best mulatto soccer player of all time), Karyn Parsons, Ronda Rousey(mother is part black), Trisha Goddard, Anais Mali, Amber Rose, Tamera Mowry, Antonia Thomas, Rachel True, Zadie Smith, Tammy Townsend, Brooklyn Sudano, Anais Granofsky, Jenny Lumet, Gloria Reuben, Giancarlo Esposito, Maya Rudolph, Michael Michelle, Salli Richardson, Soledad O’Brian, Susan Fales-Hill, Taimak Guari, Tamia, Thandie Newton, Tracee Ellis Ross, Troy Beyer and many others are white fathers and black mothers.

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If we went back 400 years ago, the mulattos you’d all see would more than likely have African usually slave mothers. Log in to Reply in France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany most of biracial people are the product of a black father (usually from a former colony) and a white mom.

Most of these biracials have a White mom and a Black dad. If you were to take a survey, you would find out that most majority has a Black dad and a White mom.

Black women aren’t open to dating White men and White men aren’t open to dating Black women.

The majority of half black children have white mothers, it’s a statistical fact.

In Europe it’s slightly more even but white mother/black father combo still outnumber them even in Europe.

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