Dhcp is not updating dns windows 2016 pet people dating

Plusnet has told its customers to use static LAN IP addresses and fixed DNS settings, rather than obtaining this information automatically via DHCP, to reach the web.

(win 2012r2) we have several linux clients on opensuse 13.2 which will be authenticated via active directory. only problem is, the machine gets an ip address from the dhcp server, but won´t update or create a dns entry. i´ve tried the following settings: /etc/send host-name "linuxtest2"; send = "linuxtest2."; send fqdn.encoded on; send fqdn.server-update off; also request fqdn, dhcp6.fqdn; do-forward-updates [ true ]; after i set "send host-name" i am able to see the hostname in the dhcp overview. i also tried in /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eno16780032 DHCP_HOSTNAME=linuxtest2 in the dns options i set, that dynamic updates are allowed from secure and unsecure clients. Did you do this, or did you only configure Users to login to your Linux hosts with AD credentials? in the dhcp scope, it is also shown correct since i changed "send-hostname". i set up the dns server for secure and non secure updates. I wrote a long time ago elsewhere that a healthy AD requires a "troika" of integrated DNS, DHCP and Domain Controller(s).

Lenovo told customers not to install the update until they’d patched their UEFI firmware to cope with the upgrade.

Whatever the cause is this time, the result is broken DHCP with PCs being left with no automatically assigned IP addresses.

Assuming your Active Directory is already set up, with the requisite domain, zone, and name servers configured, there are a few items within DHCP and DNS you’ll want to configure.

It only takes a few minutes, and may save you from a headache or two down the road.

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