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, and Exchange 2010's Offline Address Book (OAB) has the ability to include the necessary pointers to Active Directory to allow Outlook 2010 clients in Cached Exchange Mode to display the photo — the client still needs to be able to communicate with Active Directory to download the photo.You can make it work for Outlook 2010 clients without using Exchange 2010, but Cached Mode support is an Exchange 2010 Outlook 2010 feature.Typically, the Apply Driver Package step is placed after the Auto Apply Drivers task sequence step.

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The following task sequence steps can be added to a Configuration Manager task sequence.attribute from the OAB using the following code (also provided in the original post): $attributes = (Get-Offline Address Book "Default Offline Address Book"). Remove("thumbnailphoto, Indicator")Set-Offline Address Book "Default Offline Address Book" -Configured Attributes $attributes Add the attribute as a A.No, Outlook 2007 displays photos for Contacts if the user has saved them.Live tiles are viewed by many as a bit odd, because unless you switch to tablet mode, you only ever see them when you open the Start menu, and the menu has to stay open so you can watch the tiles update.Fortunately, if have no need for such things, this feature is easily disabled. If you want to disable all of the tiles, you’ll have to repeat the process for each one in turn.

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