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CREDIT: NASA SVS, Jim Strong and Horace Mitchell Caption for Image 2: ATMOSPHERIC ANGULAR MOMENTUM AND LENGTH OF DAY This graph displays the close connection between the global angular momentum of the atmosphere derived from wind analyses (darker red curve, scale on right) and the observed changes in the length of day (lighter green curve, scale on left), after removing low frequencies, for the years 2000/2001.

The remarkable agreement demonstrates that a close coupling exists between motions of the atmosphere and the solid Earth.

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Naturally occurring Humic Acids have special properties that may help capture micronutrients and transport them to plants’ roots.

Ibn Abi Haatim said: Abu Zar‘ah told us: Uthmaan ibn Abi Shaybah told us: Jareer told us: from ‘Ata’, from Sa‘eed, from Ibn ‘Abbaas who said: Adam (peace be upon him) came down in a land called Dahna, between Makkah and al-Taa’if.I found the love of my life on this site within days... I feel that this relationship will end in marriage and I am just so happy. What is proven definitively in the Holy Qur'aan is that Adam and Hawwa’ (peace be upon them) came down from Paradise to earth after they ate from the tree.Some of these factors can act to speed the planet up, while others literally drag it down.Of course these effects are very small, but observable by advanced scientific techniques.

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