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While we did state that otome games usually involve a female protagonist trying to form a romantic relationship with a man, that is not the only type of otome game available.Actually, there are BL games, also known as Boys Love games, available that also fall into the otome game category.

Flirting games are most loved by teen girls, and they are based on very popular Japanese dating games.

As a visual novel type of otome game, you will find the story unfolding as you play. In an otome game, you are introduced to a number of men whose hearts you are able to court.

As seen prior in Amnesia: Memories, visual novel types will feature a story along with the romance that will keep you involved.

Perhaps there was a murder or a string of disasters seems to be following you in your wake.

You really do not understand what is going on, but that does not mean you will just sit back and watch them unfold. Well, if you have never played a dating sim, then you will not understand how an otome game works.

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