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When I entered the ramp I was a bit nervous, especially when the audience started screaming for me.For some reason that gave me great confidence," Siya Mhlongo said.Last week, SAA also asked Treasury for a guarantee of between R4,5 billion so it can finalise its overdue financial statements as a going concern.The amount depends on whether National Treasury agrees to its application to change the terms of a controversial deal with the airbus that could cost government R1,5 billion.Fortunately because I did not use the transport I got to school. My mother thank heavens said she won’t be entering with me. School hadn’t even started and already I was hearing all these things.The thing with students is that when you are in shit, they want you to know that they know and want to do it in your face to evoke a reaction out of you.

SAA board chairwoman Dudu Myeni and new acting CEO Musa Zwane, were among a delegation who recently appeared before the finance and public enterprises committee, in the wake of SAA pilots delivering a vote of no confidence in SAA's leadership, concerns about the controversial airbus deal and the departure of top-level officials. could not control her frustration of how the residents heard Dudu’s screams but ignored it as they thought that it was a drunk person.Question she left the audience with, “Are drunk people not worthy of protection?I didn’t care really I didn’t want that stick on me. I could see a slight smile of victory on her face though I must pity too. One fat girl with bad acne and crooked teeth insisted that it was not only me but I had been dropped off by my sugar daddy.After we were done eating my dad took my little brother and I left with my mother. Some where even whispering that I had been kicked out of home. One girl even said and I quote for it made me laugh on such a gloomy day “U ma wakhe ngathi u Chuck Norris, uwdingi noh’buza” loosely translated to “her mother is like Chuck Norris no questions asked”.

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