Dysfunctional families and teen dating latest online dating site in usa and canada

Some dysfunctional things or people grate on one’s nerves just a little bit—like a squeaky door.

Again, there could be a codependent friendship or workaholism—a super-demanding boss.

For encouragement, let us consider some real people who experienced some degree of dysfunction in their homes as children and who, in spite of this, blessed the world with their presence.

When Eleanor Roosevelt was born, her gorgeous socialite mother, Anna, marveled that she could have produced such a homely child.

Even a physical disease like congestive heart failure can become so serious that significant cognitive impairment, cantankerous attitudes, and impaired interpersonal relationships result, all because the blood vessels supplying the brain are not receiving sufficient blood and oxygen for its needs.

Like a genetic disease, dysfunction is frequently passed on in some form from generation to generation.

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