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I got emails from readers, messages from friends of friends telling me how much they loved the books and from complete strangers, as well. Dating, Diapers and Denial remained on the Bestsellers Stand in Reliance Time Out in Phoenix Mall, Bangalore for an entire year! This Independence Day, I pledge to give myself independence from this siege.

Over the three years, the books gave me some beautiful moments. Well, I should not be saying ‘nothing’ – the love of the readers has been, and continues to be overwhelming.

We are Safe-e-Pay, a trusted and reliable payment processing company specializing on dating websites.

Working with dating websites is both exciting and ecstatic.

Our company provides an interface on the website for accepting credit cards while we transmit data to the bank and process the response ourselves.Dating websites make romance easier by connecting beautiful soulmates together, helping create families, and bridging gaps between people who are too busy to find love outside of their smartphones.Keep up with the trend and improve your game with Safe-e-Pay.If you have found your match made in heaven, an exquisite Russian woman, then why not express your true feelings by sending her flowers.Field, MA, MFT has written eight engrossing true-life stories about her clients and their dating/romance issues.

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