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And the fact that everyone does it diminishes the contradiction not a whit. Just because someone looks/acts shifty doesn't mean he's a wanker does it? I guess everyone was a masturbator according to Kellogg. Well, it looks like Mr Kellogg has found the link between adolesence and masturbation.:rolleyes: I love number 11, 14 & 15. Any pornography (including -900) lines is masturbation. The real question is what if you masturbate on a bed covered in grain flakes "Indecent Prosopal" style? corn flakes ::snip::: Kellogg's brother later went on and added sugar to the plain little flakes, negating their original purpose. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go...um, balance my checkbook. : DI have a couple of questions: Is it still mastubating if someone does it for you? And, most importantly, what if you masturbate to images of grain flakes? "Originally posted by Shirley Ujest Kellogg's Signs of Masturbation 1.

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