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Does anyone remember when they started moving us out in the fifties, how they boarded up windows and locked the doors of the empty houses and how tiny the pantry windows were - no problem.I was very small and could fit easily, the lads shoved me through, I released the catch of the door and in they went.I have remembered a few more bits and found a few more photo's, Mrs. Trigg used to throw the rubber at everyone, don't know if they were married, Miss Mc Loughlin was the headmistress.There was a lad called Kenny, that lived up the entry next to 48 Clark Street, his dad kept a couple of greyhounds.We also used to go to the Reservoir to collect frog spawn, Saturday morning was always reserved for Saturday Matinee at the Edgbaston Cinema, Roy Rogers, Flash Gordon etc etc, and then run home on the imaginary horse, chased by Indians, strange you always seemed to run faster if you slapped your backside.The Photo shown on Parker Street with the Black Smiths down the entry, shows my old house, No11, on the right corner, the Iron Gates being the side entrance, on the left side not shown, was a little Grocer shop owned by a lovely lady, Mrs Pittam, she sold everything, including a great selection of sweets.

Nothing was too much trouble for him in locating that obscure disc for his customers.

I cannot say if that gentlemans name was Clifford or Bert, but he did offer a good service.

I believe the little shop narrowly missed being bombed during the war.

People from the street that I remember are Maureen and Michael Hawthorne; Irene Humpage and her brothers Clive and Malcolm; Josie Wakeling; Josie Yates; the Carter family, who lived in Hyde Road; Lois and Doris and their brothers, John Ike John Hubbord, who died while we were at school; Alan Hinton.

My best friend was Pauline Thomas who lived in Mostyn Grove, there was also Una Hunt from school.

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