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It soon became apparent that Castle Garden was ill-equipped and unprepared to handle the growing numbers of immigrants arriving yearly.

This tool, simulator arianeb dating simulator walkthroughs chat with family on the site before you are allowed.

But even the smallest trinkets on this ocean surface are wanted by the eccentric mix of Valentir locals.

You collect everything under the sun, from expired medicine, ashtrays, dog tags (thanks ! To dive, you're given Health Points and Air points. They're easily regenerated by sleeping or by buying medicine to rebuild them.

The locals ridicule your crappy scuba gear, but a young female islander (Ellis) takes a fancy to you and after a few trials, you become a part of her scuba diving clan, the "Amigos." Cute, the Amigos, and there's three of them (in addition to Ellis). After learning more about the island, you discover many friendly types, villagers and local small business people who learn to like you, to do trade with, or once they find out you're a scuba "expert," compete with you. You find there's another group called Sea Dross, an "evil" syndicate that charges exorbitant fees to find sunken things for people.

As you accept more challenges for individuals, you learn you're cutting in on their business while helping a few thankful individuals, which creates a nice tension throughout the game, but more importantly you it helps you to learn about the mysterious treasure that's haunted Leo's family for hundreds of years.

You can also be poisoned underwater by blowfish, sea eels and the like, or even injured by sharks. For example, to become an "Amigo," you must find the sunken ship the Pensolata and find a trophy inside it.

Or a scuba fish-collecting game with an RPG backbone. An easy way to look at it is like this: Instead of a battle system that earns you health, experience points, weapons and the like, substitute scuba diving.

Underwater, you see things from a first-person perspective and you can move about, collecting a litany of valuable things.

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