Emma watson dating tom ducker

James Franco admits he was very shy at high school, stating that during his early teen years he was "a little confused and mixed-up when it came to dating." He considers himself lucky that he dated his high-school girlfriend - only ever mentioned in interviews by her first name, Jasmine - during his last two years of secondary school.

After causing a stir on Oprah by describing her use of birth control at 14, there was rampant speculation about Kim K's teenage dating life.Some of these celebs even remain in contact with their non-celebrity past loves today.Emma Watson's first significant romance was rugby player Tom Ducker, who she dated as a teenager while working on the Harry Potter series of films.The two remained an on-and-off couple for seven years as Affleck bounced from the University of Vermont to Hollywood, after being rejected by Harvard.Affleck went on to be declared the sexiest man alive in 2002, and won Oscars for Good Will Hunting and Argo while going through a string of high profile relationships before settling down and building a family with Daredevil co star Jennifer Garner.

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