Rajneeshi sannyasins have been described as anti-renunciates.

These people acquired new Indian names, bead necklaces, and ochre (later red) robes.

One of the very earliest Western neo-sannyasins was Christopher Calder, a British convert who first met Rajneesh in 1970.

Three years later, on the centenary of Gandhi’s birth, he caused an outrage with his theme that Gandhi’s sexual abstinence was a form of perversion.

Rajneesh had already commenced his career as a spiritual teacher or acharya, attracting the attention of wealthy, upper class Indians.

Calder poses the question: “What did Rajneesh want and get?

” He adds: “The answer is millions of dollars, absolute power, a harem of women, and a daily supply of drugs.” Rajneesh is reported to have experienced a brief experimentation with LSD, though in the long term he was “inhaling enough nitrous oxide to inflate a dirigible” (Calder, Ridiculous Teachings).

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