Epoch adult dating

CCBill features a variety of tools and capabilities which are critical for adult entertainment websites.

For example, they offer tools which allow for dynamic pricing which is essential for dating-related adult websites.

This flexibility makes it easy for an adult website to charge customers for all types of content formats from monthly memberships to live-chat/video.

Additionally, Epoch provides a full-featured processing solution with all-inclusive rates.

All in one pricing includes secured payment pages, Level 1 PCI compliance, customizable forms, and a worldwide call center.

Zombaio accepts payments for all forms of online content and specifically emphasizes its ability to provide solutions for the online entertainment industry.

CCBill is has been around since 1998 and is currently processing payments for more than 30,000 websites worldwide.

Epoch has the ability to bill consumers in a number of ways including recurring billing, per unit billing, one-time billing, and one click billing.

The final option is the basket charges which is essentially a pay-per solution.

A unique aspect is it allows for dynamic pricing so website owners can set parameters which can increase or decrease the price of a particular digital good.

This makes it easy to determine exactly what an adult website’s fees will be.

The best part is the volume discount is applied automatically without the need for any reserve funds.

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