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REWARD= 9 Gold (including reward for finding parts of skeleton) and Choice of 5 very good level 26 items.Collect ALL the charred bone parts these include: Left Right Femur, Left Right Tibia and Charred Ribcage - they drop randomly mainly in the middle to lower parts (ie closer to Common lands Exit) Take them to Doopey (spelling maybe wrong). This quest is given by the Taskmaster on the Docks in Nektulos Forest, but in quest journal is listed under Thundering Steppes.(by Destructra, Shades of Darkness, Lavastorm) add / see comments | submit help info Collect 12 pristine stitches from patchwork men make an inscription of the fallen marker near bone late collect 18 globs of ectoplasm from warlock orbs in Tundering Steepes. Harvest 32 planks of various indigenous wood from Nektulos Forest. Collect 12 planks of petrified Ashwood from duskwood arbor. Collect 6 lengthy branches from local Root Horrors that nest in the area.(by Orender (Soulfire, Steamfont server)) add / see comments | submit help info1. Collect 24 skulls from the undead skeletons in the area. Collect 12 high-quality root specimens from the ancient rumbleroots.(by Orender (Soulfire, Steamfont server)) add / see comments | submit help info1. I need to look around the Nektropos Castle.(by Orender (Soulfire, Steamfont server)) add / see comments | submit help info This part of the quest is difficult to do but comes with a nice reward. To do this quest be prepard for a long fast run, with no mistakes, because any mistake will cost seconds that you dont have to spare. If your lower then 35 you should have a nice train on you by now) 4) N'Marrs Ascent. Keep running WEST along cliff and you will see a rock ledge below you. Even with the Ranger and me it still took 7 attempts. If you find a better/faster way please let everyone know. (by Devine) After doing this part, you'll be asked to go to Zek. Reward was a 10 slot bag, 2% xp, and about 5 silver. (g) WAIT FOR YOUR GROUP to update from captain and all surround bell closely at end of dock (h) someone needing access rings bell for team Part III - onboard the ship - Maid for the Mist (a) all go to upper deck (b) all hail captain (c) several waves of creatures will spawn (short break betwen waves) (d) final wave will include boss - Lord Zaavan (lvl 29 ^^) & 4 helpers (e) kill boss, speak to captain and choose to 'go ashore' Congradulations, you now have access to the Enchanted Lands. Visit Soul Eater Falls, Death's Maw, Black Water Lake, and Headstone Walkway in Nektulos forest. (by Orender (Soulfire, Steamfont server)) add / see comments | submit help info You need to: 1. The quest will update near the top of the ramp on the cliff face. Since I am a Templar with no horse and rely only on my feet, my friendly Ranger doing the quest with me was my only sure way of completing it. Gather 20 fungi from Nek (any will do), then he wants you to gather 20 plants (any will do from the shrubs), after which he will want you to talk to Harold Winemaker. 5 Interview Harold Winemaster at Port Naythex in Nektulos. Chel talk to you and want to know if you think Harold is guilty or not; He ask a question and you've to choose if you think he's guilty or innocent. Reward : 2% XP at Level 31; 11 silver 63 copper; and the field investigators evidence kit ( Bag 10 slots) (by Pierpoljak / Mistmoore Server) add / see comments | submit help info Part I: Speak to Daisy Winterhope at 775, -0, -182 (a) collect 25 Nerius Crab carapaces - need to kill ~30 crabs on beach to collect -return to Daisy (b) collect 13 Owlbear Sinews - need to kill ~18 owlbears (416, -0, -556) -return to Daisy Part II: find fishermen impersonator Speak to Seamist Fairy Nerina (beside dock on beach) (a) speak to fishermen Aurvill & Djaani (by tent, beside dock) (b) speak to fisherman Draxlix (northeast up coast from dock - SPAWN TIMER 5-15 minutes) (c) follow Draxlix back to loc of Aurvill/Djaani, Draxlix spawns into target creature (d) kill Draxlix monster - lvl 30 ^^ (e) speak to Seamist Fairy Narina (f) speak with Captain Corrigan (on docks - 796, 6, -121) - say you are ready and go to EL bell at end of dock.(by Aelanor Dreamspirit, Befallen server) add / see comments | submit help info You need to find the following locations: 1. Collect 24 cleaned wings from the indigenous fairies. Collect 12 vials of Ash-dust covering Gul'Thex Mystics. I need gauge the ash-residue within the Forgotten Woods.(by Orender (Soulfire, Steamfont server)) add / see comments | submit help info1. Collect 12 individual scrapings of bone mold from stronger skeletons in the region. Collect 3 infected patches of skin from the Patwork Men. Harvest 32 specimens of the local fungi in Nektulos.(by Orender (Soulfire, Steamfont server)) add / see comments | submit help info1. I needed a Ranger to join me on the quest so I could take advantage of EVAC to finish it. (fastest way here is to go left from Stro (NPC) and follow river up then swim across to the island). (no secrets and no avoiding aggro if your level 35 or lower, just dont stop running.) 3) Nektropos Castle. If your careful you can fall to that ledge and not die. (Coordinates: -1448,-1840) add / see comments | submit help info (by Fenix Stryk of Freeport, Befallen | Rankaras, Befallen) Nektropos Castle is a instanced zone. Being an instanced zone it is only accessable once durring a certain amount of time. Not a bad quest for a level 30, just lots of running and gathering. 1 Gathering 20 variety of plants from fungi in the zone. -NOTE: it is usually best to (1) fight the boss on the main ship deck, (2) kill the boss first.Collect 12 armor vestments worn by Sullian Fairies. I really dont see how this quest can be done without EVAC, but for all those who try.... It's believed that if you leave voluntarily you can return in 8 hours. (by Gygea Silverpetal, 30 Ranger, Mystic Guardians, Faydark) add / see comments | submit help info Chel Morgan is working on several different cases at once and I've offered to help him by doing some of the legwork. The helpers have a lot of hps and do low damage - the boss hits HARD (often killing casters in 2 blows).(by Gygea, 30 Ranger, Mystic Guardians, Faydark) add / see comments | submit help info Quest from Jhos T'Sein in Nektulous Forest, he wants "information as to the Gods worshipped at an altar".Constructs are PH's for the priests you need to collect a prayer journal from.

Now it's time to make the final push - take the beachhead from those pirates in the name of Freeport.There are several "events" that can be triggered, so plan on fighting and staying. This NPC offers 4 different quests upon speaking with him.(by Promagnum (Black Burrow) & by Pliskin-Blackburrow)Reward is a "Field Investigator's Evidence Satchel". (by Abishye/Legion of Light/Permafrost) add / see comments | submit help info He wants you to search areas for clues about a dagger. Reccomended to have chanter/coercer in group and level 27 tank with taunt ability.(by Praxxas of Mythic Heroes, Lavastorm Server) add / see comments | submit help info This is accessed by completing the poisoner case given to you by Inspector Chel.Great place to grind and quest together.(by Uleras, Ancient Guardians, Antonia Bayle) add / see comments | submit help info Chel Morgan is an investigator in Nektulos forest. Harold wants to defend his innocence and needs you to do it.On the west side of the camp behind a Hut is a cube shapped box. Level 25 ^^ singles and some level 25/26 mob Owner of the bones name is Private Doopy not Doopey and is at 40 on the map (NW on hill slope from the gul thex gate) (by Vladnor) add / see comments | submit help info The box that you need to place his skull in is located near the back of the camp (west end).Put the skull on this and u complete the quest QUEST REWARD: 8 Gold (@ level 28) 5 other level 26, scarf, ring, bangel, sash, and earring A choice of one. Stick to the wall on the north side and work your way around and you should encounter no problems with aggro. (by Ucac of Epic Courage) add / see comments | submit help info It's a heritage quest level 25 .

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