Error updating locale cisco cme

It is not possible to login post failover, so if Jabber clients logs off and logs back in during SRST it won't be able to login.

Go to Jabber FAQ Content Table Not via Jabber or IM&P, we do not offer the ability to do that.

If the certificate is in the local certificate store of the device, Cisco Jabber trusts the certificate.

Cisco Jabber connects to the service without prompting the user to accept or decline the certificate.

error updating locale cisco cme-52

As I mentioned, there is no easy, or pretty, way to get a list, but at least the above method will get you full versions as RTMT might not. If someone tries the query and lets me know the results they have, and if they had any CPU spikes and how many users they got / have, I can update this with more accurate data.Go to Jabber FAQ Content Table Yes, but SRST will be supported in Phone-Only mode or Full UC mode on UC manager 9.x and later.Jabber client will failover to SRST as long as it was already logged in.You can get the info in RTMT using Device Search, and you can limit the search for CSF devices, and you'll get the list of ALL devices and the version.I found about another alternative, right now I only have Jabber for Windows registered, but I believe this might work with ALL Jabber options.

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