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I was going to post this all in the forums, but I've been waiting three days now for a moderator to finalize my account so I'm not sure how long that is going to go on.I've read some people have needed to go with 8X firmware, so I might try that with one of the phones. These next settings are for time related configuration, setting the timezone etc.If you do not specify an NTP server, the phone picks the date and time up from the SIP registration headers from the SIP server.Unfortunately the format of the config files has never been well documented on CCO and Google searching shows up a limited amount of content on “cisco SIP and cnf.xml”, so this page serves as a reference guide to getting these phones working with SIP compliant phone services such as Asterisk.I recently opened a TAC case to find out more information about the format of the config files but Cisco were unwilling to assist – as as far as they are concerned if the phones are run in a Call Manager environment (which is what they were intended for) there is no need to manually edit the config files therefore they were not willing to give help running them in a non CM environment.All these new phones sport new cool features, mostly along the lines of newer and better display units, initial support for SIP, but additionally – and this is a major change – config file management, which is now XML based rather than plain (name,value) text pairs.These phones supposedly will, in the future, support an enhanced range of features compared to the 79×0 series.

Note that the config file contents appear to be case sensitive, and most of the parameters start with a small letter after the opening bracket.

On the phones themselves, there is some strangeness: I've read that there may need to be some patch for this, but everything I find is 3-4 years old and talking about versions 1.6, even on voip-info.

I've got an Aastra phone on it's way, I've configed dozens of those and will be assigning it EXT 1002.

Finally, the seems to not be working; although this might be because the phones just aren't registering.

TFTP log shows it being xfered, but my template match of "1...." TIMEOUT="1" never dials.

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